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Episode OO1: Suzanne Miller

Meet Uber-connector and mother of Fort Collins, Suzanne Miller, who has stepped into a role of creating a pay-it-forward movement, Do A Liz Thing, due to a tragic event in her own life and the friends who surrounded her.  Listen as she speaks the truth and focuses on the importance of making the most of your life.

Episode OO2: Patti Smith, RN

Meet retired nurse and entrepreneur, Patti Smith, who took an idea and built it into an art exhibit to benefit the community of Fort Collins as well as the addition of history course curriculum from elementary to college-age levels.  Her Legacy: Women of Fort Collins highlights the  prominent and courageous female trailblazers who leave behind a legacy in our community.

Episode 003: Courtney Santana

Meet musician, vocalist, actress, new author of Off Kilter, and community volunteer and activist, Courtney Santana.  As a survivor of domestic violence and abuse, Courtney takes her experience and gives back in order to ensure opportunities for other domestic violence victims and survivors are in place through the Survive2Thrive Foundation.

Episode 004: Jason McCullough

Every day, a child is lost to the streets.


In this episode, we meet college student Jason McCullough, talk about his journey in philanthropy dating back to when he began serving with his family in non-profit organizations at age 5. Jason created his own non-profit organization called Closed Eyes Open Heart to treat, educate, and empower transitional aged homeless youth in South Los Angeles.


“Develop a true passion and it will set you apart and help you develop true empathy.” 

Episode 005: Christ Clinic Fort Collins

“There is a connection between physical and spiritual health and in addition to the physical care, we want to be able to provide the spiritual care to those who desire it.” ~ Dr. Rich Simmons, Medical Director, and Kathy Simmons, Clinic Director.


The Christ Clinic accomplishes its mission by providing free primary care in an appointment-only, outpatient setting to those who are uninsured and do not have access to providers. The Christ Clinic provides family medicine care for all members of the family with the goal to develop ongoing relationships between patients and the Christ Clinic.

Episode 006: Regeanie Corona

“THAT is transformation because you know you have changed a person’s life." Regeanie Corona is Founder & CEO of Advancing the Seed, a non-profit organization to help youth find their path to prosperity through entrepreneurial education aimed at financial literacy and stability.


Listen to her journey beginning in cybersecurity to becoming an entrepreneur, business development strategist and coach, speaker, author, and social change agent. Regeanie has truly learned to embrace her gifts that has led her to serve both youth and young adults, creating a track record of starting non-profit organizations in 30 days or less, and how she continues to move through fear and not let anything hold her back in walking in her purpose and what she was uniquely created to do.

Episode 007: FoCo Cafe

FoCo (Feeding Our Community Ourselves) Café is NOT only a restaurant where you can enjoy a nutritious and delicious meal with local, sustainable, and organic ingredients, but also provides food to anyone regardless of their ability to pay. The FoCo Café also has many resources to help serve our community such as a free refrigerator, non-perishable food cupboard, and a giving tree with basic need items to include toiletries and clothing.


In this episode, we chat with Mallory Garneau, Executive Director of the FoCo Café as she fills us in on this is incredible non-profit organization and business who has an incredible ASK of coming in to have lunch and paying it forward.

Episode 008: Cherie Mathews

“Open your mind to innovative thinking in everything you do.”

~ Cherie Mathews


From computer engineer to PE teacher, to becoming an entrepreneur and business owner, Cherie Mathews teaches you how to look at the world through a different lens through her curious and questioning mind along with her passion to solve a problem and serve a need. In this episode, we follow Cherie’s journey through pioneering the First Tee National School Program, which exposed ALL children to the game of golf as well as taught core life values, beginning with 48 kids and growing to reach 10 million young students throughout the United States.


She also shares her story and entrepreneurial journey which started as a breast cancer survivor looking for a solution to solve a problem with the Heal In Comfort shirt as she grew her goal of reaching 100 patients to now 20,000 souls.


Inventor. Innovator. Business woman. Mentor. Keynote speaker. Angel investor. Teacher. Inspiration. You DO NOT want to miss this episode!

Episode 009: Hearts Connected 4 Humanity

Do you know when your heart may be touched where you can no longer ignore the strong pull and drive to give back and help others?



“It all started with a home visit.” ~ Regina Dickerson


Join us as we talk with Regina Dickerson, Executive Director of Hearts Connected 4 Humanity, as she shares her experience walking into a home visit to witness bare cupboards and true hunger happening right here in our own cities and communities. Regina opens her heart and fuels her passion by providing services for youth, men, women, and seniors to heal the family as a whole through Hearts Connected 4 Humanity.

Episode 010: Junior League of Fort Collins

The Junior League of Fort Collins is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism and identifying needs within the community to create projects to impact those needs through collaborations and partnerships. 


In this episode, Amanda Sammartino, President of The Junior League of Fort Collins chats about how the Junior League continues to support our community with an ongoing project called the Career Closet, which is a place where women can make an appointment to be “styled” with gently used (and sometimes new) clothes and accessories to help them be confident and prepared for the work force.

Episode 011: The Otter Cares Foundation

The OtterCares Foundation is an organization that was founded by Nancy Richardson to invest in the education and to empower youth to create lasting change through philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Since 2009, the foundation has equipped kids, classrooms and communities to recognize their true potential to make a difference.  


In this episode, Linda Crum, Executive Director of The OtterCares Foundation, chats about the mission of the Otter Products company of “Grow to Give” and how working for and with the company starts from the interview process all the way to their end goal of inspiring people in business through their investment in their employees to truly CONNECT to their own passions and to go out and make a difference in our community.

Episode 012: Dr. Judy Huch

“I do not want to give a hand out, but want to give a HAND UP.”

– Dr. Judy Huch


How do you give back to the community while running a private practice called Oro Valley Audiology AND serve your own staff? Discover Dr. Judy Huch’s take on providing the gift of hearing as well as her way of encouraging recipients to pay it forward in a community-wide effort to spread awareness of hearing and hearing loss as she strives to make the world better through Grace Hearing Center ONE. RELATIONSHIP. AT. A. TIME.

Episode 013: Markiss Stone

“Lead with your heart and be genuine and unapologetically YOU.”


Markiss Stone delivers daily motivation and positivity on his daily show, The Daily Dose Show, on Facebook LIVE, Monday-Friday at 6:30amEST.  In addition to being a military veteran and inspirational and motivational speaker and trainer, Markiss was a student in radio/TV communications and is dedicated to make the world smile and to change peoples’ lives.

Episode 014: Justin Osmond

“I remember my mom would always read me the book about the ‘Little Engine that Could’ climbing up that mountain...and I found out later why...she KNEW that like many other deaf children out there, we would have our own mountains to climb and our own challenges to face."


Join speaker, author, producer, and humanitarian, Justin Osmond, as he shares his passion behind developing the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund and reveals the REAL story behind how the Osmond Brothers, Donny and Marie, and how the Children’s Miracle Network came to be!


“I believe everybody has a gift.  We may be broken, but I truly believe that we do not overcome hopelessness by removing the obstacle in our lives. I believe we conquer adversity by not letting it own us, control us, or even define us...my personal motto is: I may have a hearing loss, but my hearing loss does not have me!”


Fill in the blank with Justin:

“I may be/have __________, but my __________ doesn’t have me!”

Episode 015: Yee Campbell, Young Men's Service League

Listen to the story of how Yee brought the first chapter in Colorado to life from an incredible national non-profit organization and her vision to serve in the community, provide opportunities for other mother-son relationships, and to watch her own son thrive in leadership, education, and philanthropy.


Young Men’s Service League is a 4-year program for moms and their highschool sons to serve together and impact their local communities. YMSL believes that not every important lesson is learned in the classroom.  Getting out into the community in order to serve and learn from others offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to last a lifetime. YMSL provides moms and sons opportunities to develop, practice, and enhance leadership skills.  

Episode 016: Dr. Amit Gosalia

“You can do all these great things but at the end of the day, it may not mean anything if you have not done anything positive for the community.”

~ Dr. Amit Gosalia


Many people know Dr. Amit Gosalia for his passion and rallying behind his profession to encourage individuals to have healthy discussions, lead a healthy lifestyle, and to get involved in making a difference! Find out where Dr. Gosalia also spends his time and energy into giving back outside of the world of Audiology!

Episode 017: Discover Pathwaze
  • 50% of college students are not graduating

  • Those that ARE graduating – 50% of those are underemployed or unemployed


“We need to start [the conversation] as early as freshmen and sophomores. This group of the next generation coming up…is struggling with what they want to do, what direction they want to take, what education or career path would work for them as well as moms [and transitioning careers.]”


“We know there is a lot more depression and anxiety and addictions, yet there is an affluence that we have not seen before.  We want to empower people. If we can work with highschoolers while they are still going through the curriculum they are going through but before they have chosen a career or an education path, then we can actually hijack that, interrupt it, and understand what their gifts, talents, and strengths are and play off of that and map them into their careers.”


Discover Pathwaze applies self-knowledge, self-introspection, behaviors, interests, and values and works throughout the entire United States with high school students on the college or non-traditional path as well as college students with degree and career matching, individuals who are on the path to launch their careers, or transition into a new career, as well as offer a plethora of career services.

Episode 018: God's Garage

“I felt like God said...What’s in your hand to do? How can you help people? 


Getting a car is a big deal - it’s independence and freedom...but the skill sets that we get to impart on these ladies buoys them beyond what a car can do. We have a “holistic” approach to get people to the next level in their lives...We teach budgeting, life skills, single parenting skills, help with job interviews...we partnered with a local food bank so with every car that we give away, we give away 25 lbs of groceries...we have a clothing ministry that provides business attire, we have a photographer taking professional headshots, an insurance company that gets them insurance with a bank that sets up free checking accounts.


When I help someone else, there is a hole inside me that gets fulfilled in a deep and meaningful way - nothing can compare to it. And we all have that hole because we weren’t made to be islands and just take care of ourselves - we were made to work together and help each other.”

~ Chris Williams, President at God’s Garage

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Episode 019: Rich Cruse

“I’m just a guy…it doesn’t take much time or effort…it’s worth it for me to do this because I SEE how grateful people are and what a difference it makes.”


Join Dr. Natalie Phillips as she spends time with Rich Cruse, an award-winning photographer living near San Diego, California who’s work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, People Magazine and Runner’s World.  They talk connection, meeting Oprah Winfrey, and connecting to people the RIGHT way using social media.  Rich is deeply involved in fundraising for the Challenged Athletes Foundation and helping the homeless.  


“Believe in the goodness of people – there are good people out there.”

~ Rich Cruse

Episode 020: Dr. Emily Letran

“I grew up seeing images of war. I grew up in an environment knowing how it feels to not have enough.” ~ Dr.Emily Letran


Refugee, wife, mother of three, dentist, business owner, high performance coach, author, and speaker, Dr. Emily Letran, who started her own non-profit organization, The Emily Letran Foundation, opens her doors once a month to provide free dentistry to the community.  Dr. Letran talks about time, energy, and the importance of setting intentions and looking for opportunities. 


“We are in business.…BUT, if you want to give...just give because that is what makes it fulfilling in your heart and it makes life more meaningful to you. You will never know the extent of your touch or your impact” – Dr. Letran

Episode 021: Clara Gonzales Santillan

As a business owner and massage therapist, Clara Gonzales Santillan volunteers her time as she continues to follow her heart and uses the passion and skills of her hands providing massages to help support many non-profit organizations and their fundraising efforts.


She specifically shares about her continuous involvement with the work of Saruni International, by participating in their annual volleyball tournament in Greeley, Colorado, as a massage therapist for athletes to raise funds and benefit the girls who have been rescued through the organization. The Olooloitikoshi Girl’s Rescue Center (GRC) is now in its 10th year of existence. The GRC home provides a safe haven where girls in Kenya who have been rescued from the tragic practice of marrying young girls to older men can now pursue their dreams of an education and an independent life without fear.  As of November 2018, the center has rescued 87 girls who range in age from 8 to 16. 


One of Clara’s favorite quotes she has read: “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey but we are spiritual beings on a human journey.”

Episode 022: Engineering Brightness

Engineering Brightness is a FREE, after-school program, started by Tracey Winey and John Howe. With volunteers, they continue to provide an environment for kids to build and work collaboratively to solve problems in order to eradicate a global problem of free access to clean light after dark, healthy indoor air quality, and access to education for youth and adults.


“Helping kids discover their power of changing the world today, using their unique talents to make a difference…Engineering Brightness was a great way to harness the power of our youth to solve global problems today. While in the Philippines, I saw that kids are the same everywhere – they have the same hopes, dreams, and desires. They just have different obstacles in front of them.” ~ Tracey Winey.


With an estimated 650 protoypes of their 3-D solar-powered lantern, John Howe talks about the importance of bringing STEM to Preston Middle School. “If kids know their work matters, you can’t stop them. We saw the application of STEM looked like ‘service’ in the community .” ~ John Howe

Episode 023: House of Neighborly Service

“It’s not just the homeless person on the corner...it’s sometimes your neighbor. It could be a job loss, sickness that causes them to have an interruption in their financial situation -  Cherri Houle


The House of Neighborly Service is a faith based and non-profit organization which provides a variety of programs from basic and emergency intervention to preventative and educational programs in order to help strengthen vulnerable and at-risk families. 

Today, we will be talking with Glorie Magrum, Executive Director who joined the House of Neighborly Service staff in 2001, and Cherri Houle with us who has worked with the House of Neighborly Service for 3 ½ years – 2 years in case working and 1 ½ years as donor relations. She is honored to be a part of the life-changing work of the HNS – where every individual is treated with kindness and dignity.

Episode 024: High Performance Dance Theatre

High Performance Dance Theatre is an innovative, alternative style, dance company that enhances Northern Colorado's cultural community. As a nonprofit educational organization, their mission is to combine dance and modern technology to provide high quality training and productions, while increasing the community’s knowledge of the arts. 


On this episode, we talk with Founder and Owner, Artistic Director: Kim Lang.  She shares her vision and passion to perform throughout Colorado and hopefully beyond!

Episode 025: CREW Childcare Rewards App and Alessandra Desiderio

Alessandra (Aley) Desiderio is a serial entrepreneur and mom who has fought to overcome homelessness, cancer, the loss of her daughter, domestic violence, and divorce. She has dedicated her life to making an impact in the areas of family issues and security, justice, equality, education, and creating economic opportunity. 


 As a result of her own insufficient and expensive childcare issues raising children as a single parent, Alessandra created CREW Childcare Rewards App, a technology solution to the high cost of childcare. The app pays parent users to share information about the care options in their area; draws a map of care check-ins for parents; and offers providers a marketplace where they can buy field trip vouchers, classroom supplies, and services for their center.

Episode 026: G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice
and Sosamma Samuel-Burnett

Sosamma Samuel-Burnett, J.D, is Founder and President of G.L.O.B.A.L Justice, an international non-profit organization founded in 2014 that informs, impacts, and inspires the generations to learn, lead, and do justice together.  


With 30+ years of experience in human rights advocacy and 15+ years as a university professor, Sosamma has focused the work of G.L.O.B.A.L. on serving as a significant justice resource to the community. G.L.O.B.A.L. helps inform the community on international justice issues, equips students and professionals to pursue justice, promotes advocacy organizations addressing global injustices, and supports educational institutions preparing the next generation of advocates. 

On this episode, we spend time chatting with Sosamma as she shares with us her passion for advocacy through learning opportunities to pursue justice ethically, creatively, and collaboratively.