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"How to Become a Superhero of Social Media"

"Finding your V.O.I.C.E. on Social Media"

"Behind the Scenes of Social Media: The Art of Engaging Your Audience"

"Taking Strategic ACTion for Digital Marketing Success"


"The Smart Way to Negotiate Your Salary"

"Your Professional Imprint"

"Finding Your Why"

"Personality Recognition"

"The Road to Purposeful Impact Starts With You"

"Learning How to Disconnect To CONNECT"


PURPOSE is the reason you journey.

PASSION is the fire that lights your way.

Connect and MAP out your unique vision through creating actions to reach the next step in your journey.

Alicia Ready

Construction Project Manager


“'How would your personal mission statement read?'


Well, I hadn't really thought about it until I attended Connect4Excellence's Vision with Purpose workshop and was so in awe of the process that Natalie took us through! Her guided prompts really challenged me - what do I prioritize and what do I want to be intentional about and have in my crosshairs on the horizon.


It wasn't about setting goals or resolutions, it was a self-reflective, grounding process that helped me narrow my focus on characteristics important to me...then zoom out and start shaping them.  It didn't feel like it was an exercise just for [the year], it felt like I had developed the framework for long-term growth.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a young or old professional, a mom, a visionary, a creator, a strategist or a processor - it's a fantastic class to participate in year-round!"


What's in YOUR tool box? 

Learn easy, do-it-yourself strategies to fill your skills and knowledge of how to reach more and engage with followers on your specific social media platforms.

Identifying WHO you are and using your unique experiences allows you to understand how you can function together as a TEAM.

Core values, your distinct lessons from both wins and roadblocks will be explored to improve and strengthen working together, supporting each other, asking for help, and giving of ourselves.  

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