November 14, 2017

You are NOT that special.

The only reason you “made it” was because I was with you.

Why are people interested in YOU? I make more money than you and I own my business.

People don’t really care about you and what you do.

How would you respond if someone said any of these th...

August 29, 2017

Have you ever wondered if vampires may indeed be real? Our culture feeds on this curiosity as popular movies and television portray the mystery of vampires as people we want to know, be friends with, even that they may have a soul and can care about others.  Although w...

I have discussed with many business owners and entrepreneurs on how to incorporate social media into their businesses, but say that they either do not have the time, or they don’t know how to engage on social media.

Social media is simply an entry point for communicatio...

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with confidence. In fact, it takes a certain level of confidence to be successful - but I am NOT talking about being confident - I AM talking about recognizing when you sink into a mental state of engaging with others for the sole purp...

In order to reach your goals and have greater impact, you have to keep moving forward.  Each step of your journey is an opportunity to recognize what to take with you and what you should leave behind.  Many of us have a hard time leaving things behind because “where we...

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November 14, 2017

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