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Please check out some of the charitable organizations below and considering donating your time and/or percentage of your profits to social good! 

" You will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others" ~ Audrey Hepburn

DID YOU a poll conducted and published by Fortune Magazine, a survey found that nearly two-thirds of people between the ages of 18-34 were at least somewhat more likely to want to work for a company that gave to charity than one that did not.  This statistic compares with 59% of those between 35-44 years old and 47% of people between 45-64 years old. Millennials also state that it matters if American businesses give back to society and would buy products from a company that contributes to charity, or to recommend the business to a friend.

At Connect4Excellence, we want to help you connect to yourself, connect to others, as well as connect to give back.  We work with individuals and businesses and believe it is important to consider incorporating social good within their business models.  

The Starkey Hearing Foundation made a commitment in 2010 to the Clinton Global Initiative to provide 1 million hearing aids this decade.

They continue to travel the globe helping people in need, and to date have given the gift of hearing in more than 100 countries.

ALIGHT strives to create a world where we deliver meaningful justice to more survivors of human trafficking – faster. Trafficked individuals have suffered a grave injustice at the hands of their traffickers. Critical to their ability to successfully transition and rebuild their lives is immediate help from different areas of law.


ALIGHT works at the intersection of law, innovative technology and human trafficking to increase access to legal assistance to enable service providers and pro bono lawyers to connect and empower trafficking survivors in real-time.  

Survive2Thrive, a 501c3 organization, is an advocate-supported resource ecosystem for survivors of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) who have been waitlisted or have recently left a shelter. They work to find solutions to this wait list problem and to give survivors the tools they need to become self sufficient and thrive. Their mission is to change the domestic violence movement from VICTIMIZATION TO EMPOWERMENT TO SURVIVOR SUCCESS!

Grow. Sustain. Multiply.

Advancing The Seed, Inc. seeks to remove generational barriers to economic stability by coaching to change mindsets.  Their mission is to cultivate strong leaders for business and community engagement by focusing on four core areas of training: (1) personal development, (2) entrepreneurship education, (3) financial education, and (4) social responsibility.

Advancing The Seed, Inc. believes that all youth and young adults, especially those considered at-risk, are given access to opportunities that can lead to greater economic stability, and a thriving, purposeful life.

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Liz Miller lived her life in the service of others through her work and in the community bringing light and encouragement through acts of kindness, clearly showing the power of a simple act. Liz understood the power of a kind word spoken. She knew the impact for good that could be made through simple, thoughtful deeds. Her passion was infectious. Countless people who were touched by her love have continued to pay her gifts forward . . . a phenomenon that sparked the 

Do a Liz Thing movement. 

Every Community Matters Corporation a 501(c)3 tax exempt company concerned with the overall health of communities. Working with cross sectors of the community, their goal is to implement programs, initiatives, and civic engagement projects aimed at improving the overall health of underrepresented populations in urban neighborhoods. By addressing environmental issues that link directly to health, economic inequities, and disparities which result in less than adequate surroundings for residents, Every Community Matters can begin to change the conversation and work toward bridging the divide.


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